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My focus is on the delivery of learning as a business proposition that will benefit the bottom line. When it’s just a tactic, it’s unsustainable in the long term. When learning is delivered with the same attention to the customer’s needs and objective of adding value to the organization as any other core product, it becomes critical to the long-term success of the mission.

I bring a track record of successfully building elearning businesses over more than a decade to your organization by ensuring two critical factors are done right:

Content Development

It may be cliché that content is king but only because it’s so true.  No matter how flashy the courseware may be, if the content doesn’t meet the learner’s need, it won’t benefit the organization’s bottom line.  I start with the fundamentals — identifying the business problem and analyzing the learners’ needs — before developing formal learning.  But I can also help the organization leverage technologies in the emerging forms of informal learning being adopted in today’s workplace.

I am available to consult on your development of:

  • Self-paced elearning
  • Virtual classroom elearning

Production Operations

Developing quality content is just the first half of the equation.  The content must be seamlessly delivered to the learner in the place and time that meets the learner’s needs for it to benefit the organization’s bottom line.  The content must be augmented by the appropriate content delivery network infrastructure and architecture of learning management services (LMS) to ensure the learners apply their new found competencies in the workplace.  When your delivery and administrative operations are hardly noticed by the learner while he or she focuses on the content, they perceive it as a quality learning experience.

I am available to consult on your learning operations including:

  • LMS deployment or migration
  • Virtual classroom production and systems
  • Ecommerce and fulfillment of elearning
  • Content delivery services
  • Technical support and help desk
  • Service enhancement and quality assurance