Content Development

Businessman pointing to word cloud of content-related termsWhether you provide asynchronous or synchronous elearning, I have the experience to ensure your courseware will address the issue that precipitated its development. With a strong business background and extensive technical expertise to supplement my experience in adult learning and instructional design (ID), no aspect of elearning will be overlooked when I develop, convert, or revise your content. You can review some of the courseware I’ve developed in my elearning portfolio and these case studies present the business impact of the curricula.

American Association of Critical-Care Nurses (AACN)

I managed the development of well over 100 hours of SCORM-conformant asynchronous elearning curricula for the AACN in my stint as their E-Learning Manager. Based on a template applying best practices in ID, the courseware maintains a consistent experience from curriculum-to-curriculum to minimize learners’ orientation to their continuing education (CE). Its XML-based publishing interface facilitates regular minor revisions without the need to rehire expensive developers. The courses include:

Under my management, AACN E-Learning grew from less than a $2-million business right through the Great Recession to over a $5-million business in just four years.


Ascolta was the first Cisco-certified learning solutions provider to deploy a virtual classroom environment.  Simply using the legacy courseware for the Cisco-certified courses we offered in the traditional classroom would not meet the quality expectations the network engineers we trained had when they “stepped” into the virtual classroom.  As the Manager of e-Business Systems, I was responsible for developing an innovative learning experience that leveraged the strengths of synchronous elearning technologies for Ascolta Virtual.

I managed the development of over 100 hours of courseware optimized for the virtual classroom.  It oriented the learner to what was then a very new way of learning and applied the various tools available to stimulate their engagement.  The courseware took advantage of every opportunity for the learner to interact with the instructor and other learners using features such as:

  • two-way speaking with VOIP
  • chat
  • surveys
  • breakout rooms
  • electronic whiteboard

I also integrated the courseware with online exams and virtual labs. Live streaming video allowed the instructor to demonstrate setup of the physical equipment. Then the learners could administer live network devices in lab pods themselves as if they were operating them in their own Internet data centers.

The Ascolta Virtual classroom served over 10,000 learners, many of them satisfied return customers, over the years I managed it.

Elearning Portfolio

Over fifteen years in the business, I have developed elearning running the gamut from clinical to business management to technical. I have developed both synchronous and asynchronous curricula and both instructor-led and learner-directed courseware. My portfolio contains just a few samples of the asynchronous courseware I have developed.