E-Learning Instructional Design Practicum

I will be facilitating the E-Learning Instructional Design Practicum yet again this summer. Beginning on July 13, this will be the sixth session I’ve conducted for the UCI Extension. It is delivered asynchronously entirely online, so you can participate in the practicum from anywhere in the world that you can connect to the Internet.

There are already eighteen enrollees in the practicum — I expect it to be full (25 “seats”) by the time it starts. I designed the practicum to leverage peer learning so the more participants, the richer the experience. Participants typically fall along the spectrum from those with no elearning work experience (i.e. only academic studies) to those who have been developing elearning professionally for years. The professionals usually come from both the academic sector (including grade school and higher learning) and andragogy in the corporate environment.

With the revisions I’ve made each prior session and the large enrollment in the upcoming one, I expect the Summer practicum to be an excellent one. If you’d like to develop your elearning instructional design skills under the guidance of a seasoned professional, there’s still time to enroll. Its a great opportunity to get real-world experience developing elearning and putting it into production.

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  1. There’s now only one “seat” left in the practicum. Enroll immediately if you want to participate!

  2. The enrollment in the practicum is now full at 25 participants. It will be a great practicum but, unfortunately, it’s now too late for anyone new to enroll. Try again in the Winter.

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