Validating Curriculum Documentation for Quality Assurance

Perhaps the most important aspect of quality assurance (QA) when developing courseware is to validate the curriculum’s documentation. This might seem challenging at first but it’s actually easier than it seems. I use a validation chain to validate curriculum documentation. The chain begins with the project charter. The first documentation created for most curriculum development […]

E-Learning Instructional Design Practicum

I will be facilitating the E-Learning Instructional Design Practicum yet again this summer. Beginning on July 13, this will be the sixth session I’ve conducted for the UCI Extension. It is delivered asynchronously entirely online, so you can participate in the practicum from anywhere in the world that you can connect to the Internet. There are already […]

Hashtag reality check

Businesses who think that Twitter is the solution to their marketing challenges need a reality check. Putting a hashtag on a figure of speech will not automatically make it trend. Before spending millions of dollars on an advertising campaign to create social buzz, marketers should think about what they want to accomplish. If the marketer’s […]