Elearning Portfolio

Over fifteen years in the business, I have developed elearning running the gamut from clinical to business management to technical.  I have developed both synchronous and asynchronous curricula and both instructor-led and learner-directed courseware.  Here are just a few samples of the asynchronous courseware I have developed.

Reusable elearning templates

AACN Elearning template
AACN E-Learning

To facilitate the development and revision of American Association of Critical-Care Nurses (AACN) E-Learning, I established a set of courseware templates that ensure the consistency and quality of all the curricula.  With an XML publishing application programming interface (API), the templates allow new content to be published without having to repeatedly develop the same user interface (UI) or program SCORM-conformance.  Click the image of the AACN E-Learning template to the right (or just above, depending on the width of your browser) to view a few of the twenty different templates used.

Software training

Publishing Your Term Project courseware
Publishing Your Term Project

This lesson is software training.  It teaches participants in a practicum to publish elearning to two different learning management services (LMS).  The courseware includes an interactive simulation of both LMSs’ UI so learners can practice what they learn within the lesson, even if they don’t have access to the actual software application.  Rather than linear navigation, the lesson branches according to the learner’s direction.  This is fully functional courseware so, when you click the image of the Publishing Your Term Project screen, the course will open in a new browser window.

Bespoke courseware

Delivery and Installation Services courseware
Delivery and Installation Services

I developed this lesson to the specifications of a major big-box retailer.  The design applies a scenario-based approach to instruction.  Using a fictitious associate, the courseware walks the learner through the process of ordering delivery and installation services for their customers.  Section 508 compliance was one of the client’s design requirements, so the courseware includes features such as alternative text recognizable by screen reading programs on all non-textual content for vision-impaired learners.  Clicking this screen capture will also open the courseware in a new browser window.

Academic elearning

Revising E-learning and Quality Assurance (QA) courseware
Revising E-learning and Quality Assurance (QA)

This is the seventh lesson of the E-Learning Instructional Design Practicum I teach at the University of California, Irvine.  Besides the didactic content, the courseware also includes a glossary, notes, and other resources provided for the practicum.  This didactic component of the practicum is learner-directed and includes interactivities and learning checks to engage the learners.  For hearing-impaired learners, the courseware provides a transcript of the voice-over and ALT-text recognizable by screen reading programs.  This lesson on revising elearning and QA will open in a new browser window.

Other modalities

E-Learning Instructional Design Practicum home page
E-Learning Instructional Design Practicum

Besides learner-directed elearning, I have also developed hundreds of hours of courseware for instructor-facilitated elearning modalities.  For example, I was responsible for developing an innovative instructor-led synchronous elearning experience that leveraged the strengths of virtual classroom technologies in Ascolta Virtual.  I also developed an asynchronous instructor-led elearning course for the E-Learning Instructional Design Practicum that I teach at the UCI Extension.  I developed it on the Moodle platform to engage the learners with activities like:

  • interactive didactic content.
  • discussion fora.
  • digital reading material.
  • application assignments.

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