Self-paced elearning courseware

I consult on all facets of asynchronous elearning.  Whether it’s the development of new courseware or the revision or conversion of existing courseware that requires attention, I have the right set of skills to resolve the issues for you.  Please consult with me for needs analysis, instructional design (ID), development, QA, project management, or publishing of your courseware.

Virtual classroom curriculum development

Delivering quality synchronous elearning requires the mastery of a broad variety of skills and technologies.  I have extensive experience with all phases of planning, ID, development, QA, and delivery of learning in the virtual classroom.  Having successfully developed a suite of synchronous elearning courses, I can apply my expertise from the courseware to the interactive tools to the live labs.

LMS deployment or migration

With successful LMS implementations from greenfield deployments to live production migrations, I can manage anything you might encounter in your next implementation.  I can engage in the project as early as the evaluation phase.   I can also consult with you on your ongoing operations to optimize the processes and procedures to meet the needs of your learners and learning administrators.

Virtual classroom production & systems

There’s much more to delivering a quality learning experience in the virtual classroom than what the learner sees on the computer screen while class is in session.  Please consult with me to seamlessly integrate all of the systems and services used in the delivery of synchronous elearning.  I can also plan and deploy the production facilities and manage the supporting operations.

Ecommerce & fulfillment of elearning

You’ve developed your courseware and you’re ready to deliver elearning.  Your customers expect it at the time and place that’s convenient for them.  I can consult with you on publishing a dynamic course catalog and schedule of classes online then selling your elearning via ecommerce.  I also have experience designing and developing Internet-based fulfillment systems that automate as much of the operations as possible.

Content delivery services

Ensuring quality service requires an understanding of all the technologies involved in the delivery of content from the servers, across the Internet, to the learner.  With a background in internetwork infrastructure, network operating systems, and applications architecture, I can consult on all aspects of delivering elearning content end-to-end.

Technical support & help desk

Regardless of the technical competency of the learner, there will always be times when they will require technical support.  Making it readily available to the learner or learning administrator at the time they need it is critical to a satisfying learning experience.  Having established help desks for all types of elearning users, I can consult with you on the level of technical support needed and the systems required to deliver it.

QA & service enhancement

Quality control (QC) is not just one step in the systems development lifecycle (SDLC).  I weave QC processes throughout every phase of the SDLC to ensure the learner receives a quality experience.  And after the elearning is in production, I can consult with you on how to enhance your services through continuous improvement cycles so that you maximize the value delivered to the learners and learning administrators.

Product Management

I have successfully developed, launched, and managed a variety of e-learning and other Internet-based products.  For example, AACN E-Learning revenues more than doubled in the first two years I managed the products, growing to over $5-million.  I also launched the Ascolta Virtual classroom product, which served over 10,000 learners while under my management.  Please consult with me to research, design, and document the requirements for your new product or service.  I can also manage the full lifecycle of your product lines.

Project Management

I have managed the development of over 100 hours of asynchronous elearning curricula, as well as the migration of LMS for over 15,000 learners to a new software-as-a-service provider.  I have also managed the development of various Internet-based business systems.  These projects were multiple quarters in scope and involved teams of as much as a dozen internal members plus the participation of external service providers.  Budget on some of these projects has well exceeded $500,000.  With my mastery of the SDLC, I am prepared to manage your development and implementation projects.